How do I register for a tournament?

Registration takes place at the Poker Cage in our poker room beginning  one (1) hour before each tournament. Please click on any Poker Tournament Structure link for registration times.

Can I pre-register or register by phone?

Registration for all tournaments must be done in person and paid for in cash or chips (or a combination of cash and chips).

Do I need a player's card to enter into a tournament?

Yes. All participants must have a MGM Rewards card in order to register. You may sign-up for an MGM Rewards card at the MGM Rewards Desk. Valid identification is required.

How long are the daily tournaments?

Each tournament differs in length. On average, our tournaments are five to seven hours long. 

How long are the tournament levels?

The tournament levels vary, depending on the event. The blinds increase with each level. Borgata Poker does play with a Big Blind Ante. Please click on any Poker Tournament Structure link for full structures and additional details.

What are the starting chip stacks and blinds?

Starting chip stacks and blinds vary for each tournament. Please click on any Poker Tournament Structure link for starting chips stacks, blind levels and additional details.

What is a Re-Entry?

A Re-Entry gives players the opportunity to buy back into the tournament, even though they have been eliminated. Players may re-enter an unlimited amount of times as long as seating is available and registration remains open. The cost to re-enter is the same as the buy-in.

What is the Dealer Add-On?

 The Dealer Add-On allows a player to increase his/her starting chip stack by purchasing an optional Add On. One Optional Dealer Add-On is allowed at the beginning of the Tournament Event prior to being dealt any hand. The full Add On amount is designated as Dealer Gratuity. The cost to add-on depends on the Tournament Event. Please click on any Poker Tournament Structure link for additional details.

How many players  are paid ?

The amount of players paid depends on the amount of players who enter an event. The larger the event, the larger the prize pool and the higher the number of players who will be considered winners and share in the prize pool. Borgata Poker does offer all players who have made it ‘to the money’ an opportunity to facilitate adjusted payouts, allowing each player to agree on an amount different from posted payouts and end the event.